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Technician pleads not guilty to assaulting senior citizen

An automotive technician pleaded not guilty at the Magistrate Court to intentionally hurting a senior citizen at Padang Jaya on 22 May.

Assaulted senior citizen denies showing lewd sign, forgives motorcyclist

The senior citizen who was assaulted by a motorcyclist at Padang Jawa recently denied that he showed the lewd sign.

13 students involved in bully case released on police bail

The police had completed the investigation paper on the bully case at a secondary school, where a student was assaulted by a group of students

13 students arrested over bully case – Police

The police arrested 13 Form 4 students at a secondary school today, to assist into the investigation of a busy case.

Investigation underway on video of victim assaulted by 10 students

The assault case of a student being attacked by a group of students at a secondary school yesterday was due to misunderstanding.

Singer on 2 days remand for beating ex-wife

A singer from a popular group has been remanded for two days beginning today to assist in a domestic violence case

5 years jail for man who hit wife for rejecting sexual...

A labourer was sentenced to five and a half years in prison for hitting his wife after she rejected his sexual advances

Man pleads not guilty to abusing 7 children, assaulting wife

A man was slapped with the abuse of his seven children aged five to 14 years-old between January and December last year.

Ras Adiba infuriated by CTTV footage of man hitting PWD’s head

A closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of a man assaulting a person with disability (PWD)’s head using a blunt hard object went viral

Police arrest three suspects of Jalan Ampang murder case

The three suspects of the murder case of a man found at Jalan Ampang on Tuesday have been arrested by the police