reckless illegal u-turn The accident at Kilometre 4 Jalan Pekan – Kuantan involved a Perodua Bezza and Yamaha 135LC.
The accident at Kilometre 4 Jalan Pekan – Kuantan involved a Perodua and Yamaha 135LC. Kejadian kemalangan berlaku pada 8.35 malam melibatkan sebuah kereta jenis Perodua Bezza dan motosikal jenis Yamaha 135LC di Kilometer 4 Jalan Pekan- Kuantan pada hari semalam.

By Syahira Yahya

PEKAN – A Perodua Bezza driver who made a reckless illegal u-turn at Kilometre 4 Jalan Pekan – Kuantan killed a teenage motorcyclist last night.

The Pekan District Police Chief, Superintendent Mohd Zaidi Mat Zin said that the victim, Muhammad Hafiz Imran Juraimi @ Syukri, 19, died at the scene due to serious injuries.

The accident was caused by the negligence of the driver who drove recklessly and dangerously by making an illegal u-turn.

“The accident happened at 8.35pm involving a Perodua Bezza and a Yamaha 135LC motorcycle.

“Preliminary investigation found that the driver was on his way from Kuantan and he wanted to head back towards Kuantan by making a u-turn at the Istana Mahligai Mahkota Pekan exit route.

“After making the u-turn, the car driven by a 24-year-old man was suddenly hit by a motorcycle which came from Pekan heading towards Kuantan,” he said in a statement.

Following that, the driver was detained for further investigation. Plate number checks on the vehicle found that the driver did not have any record of summons on speeding.

Mohd Zaidi said, the body of the victim was brought to the Pekan Hospital for post-mortem after getting his Covid-19 swab test result.

The case is investigated under Section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987. -MalaysiaGazette