KUALA LUMPUR – Angkasawan Negara, Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor berkongsi pengalaman mendidik kedua-dua anaknya, Sophea Isabella, 8, dan Sophea Natasha, 7 mula berpuasa ketika usia mereka mencecah lima tahun.

Sheikh Muszaphar memberitahu, melatih dan memberi galakan kepada anak-anak berpuasa semasa usia kecil adalah perkara terbaik yang boleh dilakukan setiap ibu bapa.

Berdasarkan pengalamannya melatih anak berpuasa, Sheikh Muszaphar berkongsi lima amalan yang diterapkan pada anak-anaknya.

Truly proud of my girls bersemangat bangun sahur and wanting to Puasa .

“Most of the time they sahur with their eyes shut . Tak sampai hati nak upload video . Haha .

“How early for a child to start fasting …. ?

We started our girls at the age of 5 years old . It may not be full 30 days but back then they truly tried.

5 tips to ease your child fasting

1. Encourage them

We may think they are too young but never underestimate their determination …

Tell them why Muslims need to fast , the benefit of Ramadhan …

Praise them when they able to complete fasting even for a day .

Kids truly understand when we tell them in a story form . It makes them wanting to be like adults and to prove a point .

2. Make them distracted

Sometimes when it’s late in the evening, the child couldn’t take it and wanting to break fast .

Most mothers will allow them to drink sebab tak sampai hati – Dr Halina included .

Don’t … instead do things to take their mind off . A walk to the park , the mall , wrestling game , etc .

3. Continue their daily schedule

The girls still have a hectic schedule during the Ramadhan month from SJKC , Islamic School , Kumon ,
TaeKwanDo , Gymnastics , Debate & Public Speaking , etc .

Time flies when they have a packed schedule .

4. Eat high energy food during Sahur

High Carbohydrate food is recommended to keep them full the entire day . The girls eat Cereal Oats and Bread during Sahur .

Dates are good .

Rice makes one sleepy and difficult to wake up for school nanti

Make the child sleep early at 10pm after Tarawih and wake up at 5 am for Sahur . Maybe a short nap soonafter before waking up at 615 am for Solat Subuh and getting ready to go to school .

5 . Keep hydrated

A child needs to drink lots of plain water to keep hydrated . Avoid sugary drinks at all times . Maybe only during breaking fast .

At 5 years old – it’s a good time to teach your child to start fasting even if it’s a half day .

Don’t be too quick on giving them water upon request . Try to hold on as long as possible . Teach them about Sabar .

After all Ramadhan is all about Sabar …

Just sharing …
Salam Ramadhan Everyone,” tulisnya.

Doktor bedah ortopedik itu berkongsi tip berguna tersebut menerusi akaun Instagram miliknya.

Menerusi entri yang sama beliau turut memuat naik video anak-anak ketika bersahur.

Selain Sophea Isabella dan Sophea Natasha, Sheikh Muszaphar yang berkahwin dengan Datin Dr Halina Mohd Yunos pada 10 Oktober 2010 juga dikurniakan sepasang anak kembar lelaki Sheikh Adam dan Sheikh Noah yang berusia 2 tahun. – MalaysiaGazette