Omar Mokhtar Manap AMK Johor Keadilan Youth Information Chief resigns PKR
Omar Mokhtar Manap

MERSING – The Johor Keadilan Youth (AMK) Information Chief, Omar Mokhtar Manap has resigned with immediate effect.

He said, the Johor AMK Chief, Yuneswaran Ramaraj has contacted him and said that he has been sacked from his position over several reasons.

“I don’t need to explain those reasons, but I think that that it is more of a prerogative power to use those excuses to justify the action,” he said when met recently.

According to him, he never felt the need to share about the cause for all these until he was sacked from his position despite he has met Yuneswaran several times earlier, including during the AMK Johor State Leadership Council meeting in March.

“As an explanation, I have replied to all the reasons stated and my termination was suddenly postponed to get the full report.

“Reviewing the journey to my termination, I fully understand that it is related to the prerogative powers,” he said.

Therefore, Omar said that it is best for him to resign for the harmony of the party and to avoid a losing internal political game.

“As a person who love the party, I will continue to give my full commitment to the party despite having no party position to ensure the success of reformation,” he said. –MalaysiaGazette