Sumatera earthquake tremor Melaka Mall PPV booster dose
The people left the Melaka Mall when asked to evacuate after feeling the tremor this morning. Orang ramai keluar dari bangunan Melaka Mall selepas terasa gegaran.

By Reza A Hamid

MELAKA – “I thought that the dizziness and nauseous feeling was an effect from the booster dose. I didn’t know that it was due to the earthquake. I left the building immediately when I was asked to evacuate,” said a recipient of the Covid-19 booster dose at the Melaka Mall vaccination centre (PPV) in Ayer Keroh today.

The tremor caused by the 6.1 magnitude earthquake in Western Sumatera, Indonesia this morning was also felt in Melaka.

He, who refused to be named said that approximately 10 booster dose recipients were waiting for their turn when the incident happened.

“I was resting after receiving my jab, that’s why, I thought that the nauseous and tremor were the side effects of the booster dose. I never thought that it could be an earthquake,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council Chairman, Datuk Shadan Othman said that the tremors were felt at around 9.40 am today.

“The tremblors were strong. It happened three times. Each tremor lasted about five seconds and many people in the building were suddenly panicked, including the recipients of the Covid-19 booster dose who were having their shots in the building,” he said.

He added, there were about 300 staff from MPHTJ and civilians in the building at that time and they were evacuated to a supermarket downstairs.

“However, we were relieved that the Melaka Mall is safe to continue its operation after the inspection by the Fire and Rescue Department,” he said. -MalaysiaGazette

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