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Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew

By Khairulanuar Yahaya

KUALA LUMPUR – MCA requested the founder of The Mines Resort and Country Heights Holdings, Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew to leave the party.

The MCA Youth Chief, Datuk Nicole Wong urged the property tycoon to quit MCA after seeing his closeness with the Chairman of Pejuang, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

According to Nicole, MCA received many complaints on Kim Yew’s action who allegedly went to the field and campaigned for Pejuang during the Johor state election.

“Dear Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew, if you are in love with Tun Mahathir and Pejuang is where your heart truly lies, please quit from MCA.

“The party has rules too and many members have made complaints about you campaiging with Tun Mahathir and Pejuang in the recent Johor state elections,” she wrote in her Facebook post.

Earlier, a news portal reported that Kim Yew was campaigning for Dr Mahathir at Ayer Hitam on 3 March and urged the Chinese community to vote for Pejuang during the Johor state election.

During the lunch session with the Chairman of Pejuang, the tycoon praised Dr Mahathir for his leadership when he was the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia.

According to him, without Mahathir, Malaysia would face a huge problem during the Asia Financial Crisis in 1997.

The property tycoon also slammed the Member of Parliament of Barisan Nasional, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and urged the people not to mingle with those who have been convicted by the court.

However, Pejuang denied the speculations which implicated the party with the tycoon although Kim Yew was seen with Dr Mahathir during his campaigns in Johor.

The Pejuang Communications Chief, Ulya Aqamah Husamudin told the media that Kim Yew was merely offering his moral support to his non-family member and there was nothing more to that.

“Yes, he was with Tun. Perhaps it was because, that was also the first time Tun came out in public after he recovered.

“So, I think that he was there to show his support,” said Ulya. -MalaysiaGazette