In our life many issues will come. More issues come up in our life means we’re living an active life. Nothing came up means we’re not living.

Every experience in life, we have a choice. We can make it an enriching experience, or we can make a curse out of it.

If we know how to walk through this world joyfully, through marriage, divorce, illness and everything, whatever we do is beautiful.

Happiness is NOT just a state of mind, it is the basis of the quality of life that you live here on earth. The minimum thing to do in life, is to be happy.

Even If darkness has fallen, we know that the sun is still shining at this very moment somewhere not too far away. it’s only a matter of time before it will shine on us again.

So, remember, even if we are medically diagnosed with illness, when we feel happy, we feel well. So, keep looking at the brighter side of things, that silver lining in every cloud.

Don’t forget, cancer is a word, not a sentence.

So, I got cancer. Well, things happened, you face it, you deal with it, and you get through it. Hopefully one day I will be totally cancer free. In the meantime, you move on, you learn from things.

Maybe, my point in getting this cancer is to tell people, hey, there is hope, you can get better