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Some thoughts for the new year

Getting treatment for cancer is disruptive to most Malaysian households. Adhering to treatment regimens requires social support and financial resources for a long period of time.

Lessons from The Alchemist

One of my favourite pastimes is reading books. While on cancer treatments, I read 50 books over two years. To kill time (time goes very slowly while on chemotherapy) and as a distraction (from my pain).

Bouncing back to health

This is one of the many blessings that Allah has bestowed upon me. Alhamdulillah.

Do what you can while you still can

The spirit is strong but the flesh is weak. That's my constraint at the moment.

Director’s cut!

Surviving cancer is a big win in itself. But after beating cancer, people don’t just survive — they thrive! 

Do not be afraid to get breast cancer treatment

To all women (and men) out there, do not be afraid to seek immediate treatment if you are diagnosed with breast cancer. Many patients who receive early treatment are able to return to health and have the opportunity to continue with their lives as usual.

Simple ways to show up for your life

Once we began to simplify our life, we will realise that you want more than to just get through your life.

I will not go quietly

On the brighter side of things today, even though I can't walk straight, I can sit straight and write. So, I sat still at my desk and started writing while I'm still feeling inspired.

There is no such thing as bad weather

Some days are good and some days aren't as good. We do our best to make good of any day, be it good or bad.

June is Cancer Survivors Month!

"Sorry, you have cancer." That is the dialogue we often see on television. Some people actually experienced it in real life.