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Do what you can while you still can

The spirit is strong but the flesh is weak. That’s my constraint at the moment.

Because I’m still recovering. I admit, I am now not as strong as I used to be.

But my spirit becomes much stronger because of the obstacles, trials and tribulations I have been overcoming over the past eight years.

For the record, I am not only a cancer survivor, I am also an ischaemic stroke survivor.

I took a year to recover from my stroke. I will take longer to recover from cancer. But I know I will ace this. Most importantly, I know that I am a survivor. And I thrive too.


As someone used to tell me, “kudrat orang sakit memang tak sama kalau dibandingkan dengan kudrat orang yang sihat.”

Sometimes I forget. Whenever I feel good I’ll get all excited and want to go all out to celebrate life. Do what I can while I still can. And then, after that I will fall flat on my back!

First we celebrate, then we Celebrex! Celebrex is my pain killer med, that is.

Just when I was about to feel special, next thing I know, I had to take Spasil. Spasil is anti spasm med for diarrhoea, that is.

But, I’m not about to be sitting duck and do nothing. I will not let cancer dictate my life. I’m alive, that’s a blessing already.

I get easily bored when I sit down and do nothing but rest. I still work, do charity and volunteer. Do what I can while I still can.

I need excitement in life, to feel alive and kicking. I need my purpose to live. I believe I still have many, many years ahead of me and I really look forward to living life to the fullest.

Do what I can while I still can. It’s not the years in my life but it’s the life in my years that matter more.

I’m alive and kicking and that’s what matters most. Life is a long journey that will continue until we’re no more on this earth.

I really want to make my journey very memorable, impactful and worthwhile experience to me, and to those whose lives have touched me and whose lives I have touched.

One of my role models, Michelle Obama once said, “For me, becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn’t end.”

Because I live only once, I don’t have nine lives. Let’s make this one life, a very good one.

Everyday, I am moving forward. Everyday, I am evolving. Everyday, I am becoming.