Monday, September 25, 2023
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Weight Loss Is Just a Band-Aid, Not a Solution: Embrace Self-Awareness...

Today, I want to share a personal revelation that has completely transformed my perspective on weight loss and self-worth. For the longest time, I believed that shedding pounds would miraculously solve all my problems, bring me confidence, and make me feel accepted. But oh, how wrong I was!

Do what you can while you still can

The spirit is strong but the flesh is weak. That's my constraint at the moment.

Director’s cut!

Surviving cancer is a big win in itself. But after beating cancer, people don’t just survive — they thrive! 

I will not go quietly

On the brighter side of things today, even though I can't walk straight, I can sit straight and write. So, I sat still at my desk and started writing while I'm still feeling inspired.

There is no such thing as bad weather

Some days are good and some days aren't as good. We do our best to make good of any day, be it good or bad.

One step at a time

That weary part of me says, "I know I'm strong, but I'm tired."

Of Trials and Tribulations

“Bersangka baik dengan Allah atas segala ujian yang diberikan.”

Does marriage always eventually become boring?

Recently, a single friend asked me an interesting question, “Does marriage always eventually become boring?”

Life Is, Life Is

Life was slowly coming into being, in its familiar forms.

When life give you lemons

In conjunction with Teacher’s Day, I’d like to share a story of how one teacher made an impact on my life. For the last 40...