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Of Trials and Tribulations

“Bersangka baik dengan Allah atas segala ujian yang diberikan.”

Literally translated, “think well of God over all the trials and tribulations that we are tested with.”

This pearl of wisdom is much easier to express in words. But it is not easy for the heart to do it willingly and sincerely. Particularly, when we are faced with a difficult test or are tested with trials and tribulations that come in droves. So much so, that we feel helpless to shoulder them.

Every so often, it is too easy to give up.

Nevertheless, if we are experiencing it, do not ever blame ourself, other people or our circumstances. Or feeling that God is being unfair to us.

It is because God loves us that we are tested with trials and tribulations. This prepares us for what God has planned for us, in good time. This is because behind every test, there are blessings that are waiting for those who are patient and are in gratitude.

God will not test us with trials and tribulations that we are unable to bear. If we are tested, it is because God knows we are capable of dealing with it.

Sometimes, God does not give us what we want. Instead, God gives what we need. At the right time. Sometimes the bad times in our life put us on a direct path to the very best times of our life.

If today is not your day, remember a year has 365 days.