Step into the radiant world of Leya and Khaili, two extraordinary souls who have etched their stories into the fabric of Malaysia’s fashion tapestry. With a combined experience of two decades, these resilient women don’t just grace runways; they dance through the challenges, turning adversities into stepping stones towards a more inclusive and empowering industry.

Leya, a fierce runway enchantress, not only strikes captivating poses for photoshoots but also shares the secrets of the catwalk with aspiring models. Her presence has left an indelible mark on runways like KLFW, Thailand Fashion Week, and Indonesian Fashion Parade, weaving a story of passion that transcends mere modeling.

On the other side of the runway is Khaili, the trailblazing plus-size model who shattered norms by claiming her spot among Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week’s top 10 models in 2021. Her journey has seen her confidently strut for celebrated designers like Anuar Faizal, Pink Jambu, Sri Candy, Omar Ali, and Rizman Ruzaini. Beyond the borders of her home country, Khaili’s magnetic charm has graced stages at Jakarta’s Indonesia Fashion Parade and Bangkok’s Thailand Fashion Week. Unfazed by hurdles, Khaili embarks on a yearly mission to explore a new country, driven by an unyielding passion to redefine beauty standards.

Beneath the dazzling veneer of their careers lies a tale of resilience—countless rejections, piercing ridicule, and the echoing criticisms of an industry grappling with acceptance. Leya and Khaili, however, didn’t succumb to the darkness. Instead, they joined hands to create a platform that stands as a beacon for change.

And so, Curve Fashion Week emerged—an emotional labor of love and the very first curve and plus-size inclusive fashion show in Malaysia. Leya and Khaili’s mission is nothing short of revolutionary: to reshape society’s lens on the curvier-to-plus-size community. Their profound goal is to empower models of all sizes, offering them the chance to confidently stride down the runway, all while championing brands and designers that embrace diversity.

In the pulsating heart of Curve Fashion Week, a commitment thrives—to empower individuals of all sizes and amplify their voices. Leya and Khaili’s brainchild featured 13 remarkable fresh faces, each immersed in two months of intensive training. These models gracefully navigated the runway, showcasing a vibrant spectrum of fashion—from sportswear to ready-to-wear pieces and even lingerie.

The debut show wasn’t just a success; it was a poignant chapter in the evolving narrative of the fashion industry. As the world opens its arms to inclusivity, Leya and Khaili stand as luminous beacons of change, weaving a narrative where diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated.

Peering into the future, I can’t help but feel a stirring anticipation. The fashion industry, once stoic in its standards, is now embracing a kaleidoscope of emotions and styles. Leya and Khaili, with their indomitable spirits, are catalysts in this transformative journey.

I eagerly await the day when the runway becomes a canvas for the myriad expressions of beauty, where fashion for curve and plus sizes is not just a niche but a vibrant part of the mainstream. Leya and Khaili, with their emotional dedication and unyielding commitment, are crafting a legacy that goes beyond the seams—a legacy that embraces, celebrates, and uplifts. The stage is set, and I can feel the resonance of a revolution that will redefine fashion’s very essence.

Till then, Kerina K