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Malaysian Government Teachers: Then and Now

In the past, Malaysian government teachers were held in high esteem.

The Good Vibes Festival: A Lesson in Respect

The recent cancellation of the Good Vibes Festival in Malaysia has sparked a debate about the role of freedom of expression in a multicultural society.

My Kid is Special

My son Raymond is 10 years old and in the 3rd grade.

Weight Loss Is Just a Band-Aid, Not a Solution: Embrace Self-Awareness...

Today, I want to share a personal revelation that has completely transformed my perspective on weight loss and self-worth. For the longest time, I believed that shedding pounds would miraculously solve all my problems, bring me confidence, and make me feel accepted. But oh, how wrong I was!

Disappointed and Disheartened: Reflecting on Jocelyn Chia’s Insensitive Joke

It is disappointing to witness comedy being used as a means to belittle, rather than to create connections and foster understanding.

Are you an adult with ADHD?

It can be hard to get going and set a clear plan for the day ahead when my mind is racing with a million different thoughts.

It is Heating Up in Malaysia!

Here are a few additional tips for parents to help their children stay cool and healthy

Mother’s Day!

On Mother's Day, we take a moment to recognize and appreciate all of the hard work, love, and sacrifices that mothers make for their children.

Malaysia & Public Holidays, May we strike a balance?

As a single parent in Malaysia, I can attest to the challenges of managing work and family responsibilities with the abundance of public holidays in the country. While it's great to have so many opportunities to spend time with my child, it can take some work to maintain a consistent work schedule and meet the demands of my job.

The Story of Triastrum

Do the scents of roses and lavenders tempt you? Or are you the rare few who get thrilled by the otherwise frowned-upon smell of lemongrass and thyme?