“Wow, Clinton Jerome Chua’s new album “Therapy” is an absolute masterpiece! From the moment I hit play, I was instantly transported into a world of soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics that resonate on such a deep level. This album is a true work of art, a musical journey that’s both introspective and universal, touching the very core of our emotions.

Clinton’s ability to blend different musical genres and create a unique sonic experience is nothing short of remarkable. “Therapy” takes us on an emotional rollercoaster, with tracks that can uplift your spirit, make you reflect, and even dance your heart out. It’s an album that speaks to the highs and lows of life, and it does so with a level of authenticity that’s truly refreshing.

Each song on “Therapy” is a story waiting to be told, and Clinton’s vocals are the perfect vehicle to convey the depth of these stories. Whether you’re seeking solace, inspiration, or simply a fantastic listening experience, this album delivers on all fronts.

But what truly made the album launch at Artisan Playground unforgettable was the incredibly moving moment when Clinton invited his father on stage to sing with him. It was a heartwarming display of the deep-rooted passion for music that runs in their family, and it added an extra layer of emotion to an already incredible evening.

Kudos to Clinton for sharing his musical talents and creating an album that’s not just a collection of songs but a genuine therapy session for the soul. This is a must-listen, and it’s sure to find a special place in your heart. #TherapyAlbum #MusicalGenius #UnforgettableMoments”

Thank you for sharing your voice in your music Clinton, you are an inspiration and your music is as real as it gets. I am so proud of you and your milestones! I see you being along side those who would add on in branding Malaysia through your talents.

Till then, Kerina K