Rafizi Ramli Anwar Ibrahim
Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (kanan) dan Rafizi Ramli pada Kongres PKR ke-16.
The following article is submitted to the editorial of MalaysiaGazette by reader, Muhammad Izmer Yusof.

“There cannot be two suns in the sky, nor two emperors on the earth” – Confucius

The 16th Keadilan National Congress ended days ago, and Rafizi Ramli is without doubt
the second most powerful person in Parti Keadilan Rakyat (Keadilan). Winning the position of Deputy President of Keadilan by beating, Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, Rafizi cemented himself a strong and legit position as the party second most powerful position. This also with give him a strong voice in the party, and some of his voice contradict Anwar as much.

Rafizi since has been a quite controversial figure in Keadilan. He is less fond in the way of
having collaboration with party that does not incline towards Keadilan idealism and
ideology. He stresses more on the values of Keadilan and felt that the party should not
sacrifice it just for the sake of winning the election. Rafizi opposed strongly the idea of
“Khemah Besar”, the attempt to pull all parties that against Barisan National under one big grand coalition for the upcoming election. He is critical and vocal in this matter. For Rafizi this idea is absurd, working with Tan Sri Muhyidin Yassin or Tun Mahathir as 2018 will surely repeat what happen in 2020, that left Anwar once again denied the position of Prime Minister.

There is no question regarding Rafizi loyalty for Anwar, and he still believe that Anwar has
to be next the next Prime Minister. The main hurdle is the road toward next election from his views contradict Anwar. Rafizi as an idealist believe strength of Keadilan lies in its ideas and values. He is firm that Keadilan must hold to this no matter what. Keadilan must gain the support by educating and promoting its ideas and values to the voters. The party also must affirm and stand strong, united against all odd with these principles.

With this contending thought lies the conundrum, how Keadilan will conduct it strategy for
the election. Historical record is not good since Pakatan Harapan losing most of by-elections (PRK) and state elections (PRN). Majority knows that in order to win election one must secure the numbers, hence bandwagon together to face Barisan National. This will definitely even the odd of winning the election. Rafizi does not opposed the idea of coalition in general, only who to choose to collaborate in the coalition. Anwar on the other hand a realist and pragmatic, believe the grand coalition is a must. Going into general election with multiple parties contested against one another will surely give Barisan Nasional the advantage.

With general election a stone throw away, Anwar and Rafizi must find the best solution for
Keadilan to strategize. Both must work together amicably so that Keadilan remain united to face Barisan National. Will Rafizi give in to Anwar’s realpolitik or remain idealistic with
Keadilan principles, this will decide the strategy of Keadilan on how to face the next election.

As it for now it is still unclear on how all this should play out.

Muhammad Izmer Yusof
(Bsc Dec. Sc UUM, MSc Strategy and Int. Relations UUM)
Centre for Liberal Science
Universiti Malaysia Perlis

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