Datuk Seri R Jeyendran

As an agent dedicated to facilitating trade and economic growth through our beloved port, I’ve witnessed its incredible potential. However, it’s time we address a crucial matter that affects our nation’s prosperity. The *party *in charge of our port, Lembaga Pelabuhan Klang (LPK), has been struggling to meet the standards we so desperately need.

LPK’s inability to adhere to Standard Operating Procedures and the lack of updates to their SOP are major concerns. Without these guidelines, we risk inefficiency, delays, and lost opportunities.

Let’s not forget that the shipping industry has contributed millions to our economy through this very port. But we must strive for more – for the sake of Malaysia’s future and our people.

Just a glance across the waters reveals our closest neighbour, Singapore, boasting one of the world’s finest ports. We have the potential to stand alongside global giants like Shanghai and Singapore. But to achieve this, we need change.

I urge Minister Anthony Loke to step in and tackle these issues head-on. Let’s work together to transform LPK into a world-class facility, representing Malaysia on a global stage.

Change is essential. For Malaysia to thrive in the global economy, LPK must evolve. As articulated in your mission and vision, your aim is to become the foremost logistics hub in the Asian region, fostering an enabling commercial environment that empowers traders to gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Let’s acknowledge these shortcomings, take action, and strive for international prominence. The time for change is now, and our nation’s economic growth depends on it.

It’s time to get to work.

— Datuk Seri R Jeyendran, CEO Maritime Network Sdn Bhd.