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The Reality of Social Media These Days

Posting on social media seeking validation can be detrimental to our mental health because it creates a dependence on external validation.

ASP who did TikTok live of raid will face stern action

An Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) who allegedly did a TikTok live streaming on her personal social media during a raid on an entertainment centre will face stern action.

Take action against those who comment about Bella, Siti Bainun’s case...

Sessions Court Judge, Izralizam Sanusi gave a stern warning to the public and court officers not to issue any comment or post about the case involving Down Syndrome teenager, Bella and the founder of Rumah Bonda, Siti Bainun Ahd Razali

Vida apologises to Anuar Zain

Controversial and outspoken entrepreneur, Datuk Seri Vida made an open apology to crooner, Anuar Zain after a viral social media of her calling him gay

Trial by the media, guilty by perception

A combination of seriously delayed responses, unconvincing explanations, plus the ineptness of the chairman of the MACC advisory monitoring body, in a tragic comedy of errors, led to the perception that the Chief Commissioner is guilty even before any real evidence is shown

‘Unboxing wife’ upsets family institution

The trend of ‘unboxing wife’ on social media should not be followed, said the Deputy Minister at Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs), Datuk Ahmad Marzuk Shaary.

Nie Ching apologises over Lahabau Melaka

Lahabau: Used colloquially in Melaka, it means useless, hopeless and unreliable

Read between the lines

Back in the days before there was social media, it was rather difficult for us to speculate or guess a person's attitude, behaviour, personality and character. Unless we are experts, in psychology, perhaps.

The illusion of anonymity

Being courteous online is also a reflection of humility and the Malaysian way of life