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Rainy Day Notes

In 2008, I completed my AsiaWorks Leadership Program after a series of life changing defining moments during that six month program.

One of the activities that we did during my six month program was called Rainy Day Notes.

We need our course mates and our coaches to write something good about us on a tiny piece of paper. It can be a letter, card or note.

Then everybody will put their notes into a paper bag that will be sealed. We must keep that paper bag with the notes in a secure place until the time to open it comes.

That time will come, when we feel down and need a pick-me-up to get back on track. Then we get to open that paper bag and read the notes that were written by our coaches and course mates.

I still keep those Rainy Day Notes after more than 10 years. I’ve been reading my Rainy Day Notes, many times, over and over again over the years. They have always managed to pick up my mood each and every time.

Apart from the notes I got from my course mates, I’ve also kept notes from people who have left Rainy Day Notes for me along the course of my life.

Today I was feeling down, on the verge of a meltdown. Parts and parcels of cancer treatments. Side effects. I experience physical and emotional pain. It’s overwhelming sometimes.

So I read one Rainy Day Note. Not from my AsiaWorks Leadership Program course mates however. But from one of my trainees and coachees from Kuantan where I was posted for six months in 2016 and 2017 to conduct full time in house training for over 150 facility management staff in a teaching hospital.

That was a very uplifting pick-me-up. She reminded me of that BIG WHY I’m into training, coaching, counselling and writing line of work.

That is, to inspire, motivate and emotionally support people. One person at a time.

They say, to the world, I maybe a person. But to a person, I may be the world. If I can be the world to a person, one person at a time, that would mean the world to me already.

When I leave this world, I hope this will be my legacy to the world.