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Much ado about nothing

Last two weeks I did my 13th cycle of HER2 Targeted Therapy. That’s 13 down, 5 more to go. Yayyyy!!!

I would usually come alone and drove myself to the hospital. I would park further away so that I could enjoy my morning walk. I find it very therapeutic.

Then I would go to the medical laboratory for blood and urine tests. If the queue is long then the waiting will be long too, but on average it will take an hour.

While waiting for tests results I would get my breakfast at the hospital cafe. Then I headed to the Oncology Daycare Ward.

Once the test results came in, my Oncologist would discuss my progress. She will decide if I’m good to go for my HER2 targeted chemotherapy for that day.

The chemotherapy would take around three to four hours from hydration to antihistamines to chemotherapy drug to flushing.

My husband wanted to come along and accompany me at the hospital during my treatment but I usually said no.

If he was to accompany me, he would be sitting around doing nothing for three to four hours while I was doing treatment.

Waiting and doing nothing to me is stressful and a waste of time. I would hate doing that to him, or anyone else.

I actually emphatise with all the husbands and wives of patients waiting at the Oncology Daycare Ward. They look so bored doing nothing at the waiting lounge.

Some dozed off on the couch and snored louder than some patients. One or two fell off the chair while sleeping.

Some who were not asleep were busy on their mobile devices or were watching TV.

Some were busy talking to each other or with the patients whom they were accompanying. Some talked loud enough to disturb the patients and other guests. Sometimes I get annoyed with the loud talkers who did not have consideration for others.

Actually I feel overwhelmed with many spouses accompanying patients. Especially if they were sitting with the patients, talking loud or moving around. Not to mention those falling off their chairs!

That was the reason why I did not allow Mr. Hubby to come along with me.

I believe he would be better off attending his mini market. At least some revenue would be coming in. He would be happy and I would be less stressed. Well, I’m just being practical!

Sometimes he would send me to the hospital and went with me to the medical laboratory. After my tests we would have breakfast together at the cafe.

Then he would send me off at the Oncology Daycare Ward. After that, I would ask him to go and attend to his mini market. When I finished my treatment he would come back to fetch me at the hospital.

Some people asked me, don’t I get bored being alone at the hospital doing my treatment?

Not really. I was actually busy killing time writing and reading. Sometimes I would do office work if there’s a tight deadline.

Or I’ll just sleep. Afterall, once the chemotherapy drugs and antihistamines kicked into my system, I would usually doze off for a couple of hours.

Unless the patient is unable to care for himself or herself, it’s much ado about nothing, this waiting at the hospital, really.

Well, that’s just one patient’s observation and opinion.