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Former Malaysian PM’s trial – Questions over judicial conduct

Soon after his return to power, Mahathir sought to incarcerate Najib Razak, who was the two-term PM up until 2018.

Stop harassing our PM, let him work in peace

It's very disturbing to read about politicians, especially those from UMNO and Bersatu who seem to be constantly harassing PM Ismail Sabri, distracting him from focusing on his work

What is the status of Johor’s “Grey” Area?

Losing Pedra Branca was a huge slap in the face and with recent revelation that 2 subsidiaries of our crown jewel, PETRONAS have reportedly been seized in regard to the defunct Sulu sultanate claims really rubbed salt into the wound.

Allaying multiple misconception of palm oil benefits

Despite the misconception and discrimination, there are numerous health benefits of palm oil

BN should consider co-opting PBM to form multi-cultural coalition

Going into the polls in Barisan Nasional (BN)'s current composition may not be advantageous as it lacks multi-cultural element

Strike off or maintain Zuraida?

A look into the mad scramble to replace Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin

MySejahtera check-ins: Do the right thing

The government has announced that a decision will be made soon on the relaxation of My Sejahtera check-ins. Until then, abide by the requirement to check-in to premises using the application

Refer to MDA’s list when buying RTKs

It is advisable to only purchase RTK-Antigen self-test kits, which have been approved by the Ministry of Health. There is undoubtedly a surge in demand for these self-test kits as Malaysia has been recorded high number of cases lately.

EPF Withdrawals: The problem of income inequality

6.1 million members having less than RM 10,000 currently in their savings and a staggering 79% of them having less than RM 1,000 left consequently

Let the Securities Commission of Malaysia complete its investigation

There are reasonable suspicions or reasons suspect that offences have been committed to start off an investigation