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Forging ahead as a Malaysian Family

Start 2022 with a positive attitude with renewed determination to succeed in work, studies and life

Timely boost for Malaysian Civil Defence Force

The Malaysian Civil Defence Force has always been close to my heart. It is home to many of my brothers and sisters

Ending period poverty is an equal responsibility

Period Poverty refers to the struggles of girls and women who cannot afford menstrual products such as sanitary napkins, tampons, pain relievers or even underwear and a lack of education about menstruation and hygiene

No place for arrogance, ignorance in Covid-19 fight

The public must continue to be vigilant despite the reopening of more economic sectors and certain relaxations to the SOP announced by the government

What is the future of racial politics?

After 64 years of the nation's independence, many Malaysians are still grappling with the fact that racial politics still exists and persists in Malaysia's political scene

Unite for World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day is celebrated on the 10th of September yearly. The theme of this year’s celebration is “Creating hope through action” that resonates in this trying times of Covid-19 pandemic.

Two motions of confidence in the past did not undermine Agong’s...

Motions of confidence are primarily of two kinds: motion of confidence in the government or prime minister (tabled by the government or backbencher) and motion of no confidence in the government or prime minister (tabled by the opposition)

Unmasking the motives for the Anti-Hopping Law

For a bill that requires a constitutional amendment, could the anti-party hopping law be s dead in the water even before it is brought for debates in the Parliament

Syed Saddiq’s failed sports legacy

Former Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq has always been one to be associated with his slick social media presence and near limitless enthusiasm - but what did it translate into when he was in power?

Capping food delivery commissions’ unintended consequences

Although the intention to cap commissions – on the outside – may seemed plausible, it cannot help but lead to a “zero-sum game” with the unintended consequences that rippled through the United States.