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Abide to the SOPS even when fully vaccinated

Fully vaccinated individuals should not treat the Covid-19 vaccine as a passport to lower guard in the fight against the coronavirus

Do you convene or reconvene current Parliament?

The current Parliament has to be convened – and not reconvened – for the First Meeting of the Fourth Session

Dewan Rakyat should meet, but is it safe?

Is it safe for the Dewan Rakyat to sit? Haven’t the members of Parliament (MP) been fully vaccinated?

Total lockdown? Let’s have DOAS

Let’s have DOAS – Disease Outbreak Alert System. Let’s listen to the experts. Let’s do things differently. This time. Once and for all

Believe in the good of others

We are after all, a brotherhood of men, brothers in humanity

KWAN and KWSP are different

The following article is submitted to the Editorial of Malaysia Gazette by reader, Hafiz Hassan.KWSP is a well-known acronym for Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja....

Much ado about nothing

Last two weeks I did my 13th cycle of HER2 Targeted Therapy. That's 13 down, 5 more to go. Yayyyy!!!I would usually come alone...

A photo too costly

Individuals who pose and take these dangerous photos are creating an unnecessary hazards to themselves

The illusion of anonymity

Being courteous online is also a reflection of humility and the Malaysian way of life

Foreign workers: To have or not to have

Why we are considering to have more foreign workers in the country when the Covid 19 pandemic has clearly cost us job opportunities and more people getting unemployed?