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Being happy with our job

In our relentless pursuit to define ourselves, oftentimes, we look to our profession as an expression of our worth.

Society, and the world at large, does not judge all professions equally, nevertheless.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for the individuals who hold what others may consider to be ordinary or menial jobs, to feel that they themselves are ordinary or menial.

Yet, in reality, many wonderful, brilliant, and wise people throughout history, have held what has typically been perceived as ordinary jobs. Nevertheless, this in no way has had any bearing on whether or not they have succeeded to contribute their skills and talents to the world.

Does not matter whether we work in business, education, healthcare, retail, or other professions, our value is truly in who we are and not what we do to make a living.

Jobs that we love, that allow us to meet our needs, and that allow us to live up to our values, will always be more satisfying than high-status jobs that we don’t like.

But then again, while experiencing job satisfaction can be a vital part of being fulfilled by our work, it is important to remember that it is possible to find happiness in any job. This is because what we do is often less important than how we do it.

Our attitude and intention can turn an ordinary or a menial job into work that fulfills us because of the way that we approach it. If we do our job well and what we do benefit others, then we are doing work that is making this world a better place.

If we are happy in our current line of work and feel that it allows us to be ourselves and live authentically while meeting our emotional and physical needs and allowing time for us to enjoy the fruits of our labor, then we have found a job that adds value to our life.

If we are a doctor, then be the best doctor we can. Likewise, if we are a nurse, then be the best nurse we can.

If we are an engineer, then be the best engineer we can. Likewise, if we are a technician, then be the best technician we can.

If we are a supervisor, then be the best supervisor we can. Likewise, if we are a janitor or cleaner, then be the best janitor or cleaner we can.

When we take pride in our work, be rest assured, others will notice our passion and enthusiasm.

We can contribute our talents and skills to this world while doing any job.

It is not the kind of work we do that allows us to be of service. It is we who must choose to be of service through the work that we do.