By Reza A Hamid

MELAKA – The 24 hours’ notice transfer of Melaka State Secretary (SUK) Datuk Kamel Mohamad to Putrajaya has its own reasons, including the dire needs for his service at the Federal Government.

The Chief Minister of Melaka, Datuk Seri Sulaiman Md Ali said that it is a common process in any government department.

“It’s up to you to allege anything (24 hours’ notice). Perhaps, it did not happen during his time (Adly Zahari) but it happens during my time.

“There are reasons why he (Kamel) is needed. Perhaps, a certain ministry needs him more. How would I know?” he said during a news conference at Seri Negeri today.

The transfer of Kamel to Putrajaya, who has only started his job five months ago in Melaka since August 2021 has invited a lot of controversies as he is said to have received his notice of transfer within 24 hours on Tuesday.

The issue was also debated by Adly, who is the Chief Opposition in Melaka. Adily requested the state government to provide explanation as the transfer must be conducted according to the right process and ethics.

When asked if he knew about the transfer earlier as alleged by Adly, there could be internal turmoil, Sulaiman said that he did not know what others knew.

“If he is needed at a better place, then, he goes. Was there a turmoil all these while? I don’t know. The transfer is common. As I said, the federal needs him,” he said.

Yesterday, the former Melaka State Financial Officer, Datuk Zaidi Johari was appointed as the new SUK replacing Kamel with immediate effect.

He was sworn-in to his position before Sulaiman and the Exco Council Members at Seri Negeri, Ayer Keroh. -MalaysiaGazette