Sabah State Legislative Assembly

KOTA KINABALU – The Sabah Legislative Assembly today approved a bill to increase the remuneration of the Chief Minister, state assemblymen and other members of the state administration.

The Members of the Administration and Members of the Legislative Assembly (Remuneration) (Amendment) Enactment 2022 tabled by Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor was passed by a majority vote.

With the approval, the Chief Minister’s remuneration is increased from RM23,595 to RM33,033 per month; Deputy Chief Minister RM20,872.50 (RM29,221.50); Minister RM16,335 (RM22,869); Speaker RM16,335 (RM22,869); Assistant Minister RM12,705 (RM17,787); Deputy Speaker RM12,705 (RM17,787); assemblyman RM7,950 (RM11,130); and political secretary RM5,445 (RM7,623).

Hajiji, who is state Finance Minister when winding up the bill, said the financial implication to the state government as a result of the increase was not too heavy and only involved a total of RM5.6 million a year.

He said the increase had been carefully studied by a committee led by Sabah director-general of Public Service Datuk Datu Rosmadi Datu Sulai and it was hoped to ease the burden borne by elected representatives and members of the government administration in providing assistance to the people.

Meanwhile, the assembly today also approved the Civil List (Amendment) Enactment 2022 which increases the Privy Purse, Entertainment Allowance and Regional Allowance for the Sabah Yang Dipertua Negeri.

The bill, to increase the Privy Purse from RM215,280 to RM301,392 a year; Entertainment Allowance RM152,490 (RM213,486); and Regional Allowance RM44,850 (RM62,790), was passed by a majority vote.

The state assembly sitting continues tomorrow.