Noor Hisham Abdullah PUI PUS Melaka Election SOP
Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah

By Kamariah Khalidi

KUALA LUMPUR – Voters who are classified as Person Under Surveillance (PUS) and Person Under Investigation (PUI) are not allowed to go to the polling centres unless they have gone for risk assessment and were granted the permission by the District Health Office (PKD).

Director-General of Health, Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said that transport services can be provided by the political parties or agencies for PUS or PUI voters who have been approved by the PKD to go to the polling centres in Melaka tomorrow.

“PUS/PUI individuals or those under Home Surveillance Order (HSO) who are eligible to vote and wish to leave their house to vote need to seek prior approval from the PKD for risk assessment.

“Application can be made by filling up the Application to Go Out and Vote Form via Google Form,” he said in a statement today.

According to Noor Hisham, the drivers must be fully vaccinated individuals who show no symptoms, and they must also provide the MySejahtera code in their vehicle besides wearing double face mask, face shield, gloves and check the body temperature of their passengers.

“Only those with normal body temperature of below 37.5 degree Celsius can be allowed into the transport. The vehicles also need to be disinfected after each drop off.

“Besides that, they are not allowed to eat or drink in the vehicle or make any stopover at any other location besides the polling centre,” it said.

According to Noor Hisham, only designated transport can chauffer PUS and PUI, however, bus cannot be used for this purpose.

“Only one PUS or PUI is allowed in a sedan car at one time, unless the PUS or PUI are from the same family, then, two persons are allowed.

“For single seat Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV), only four PUS or PUI from the same household are allowed to board the vehicle.

“The PUI or PUS can only sit at the back seat and the windows of the transport must be opened. No air-condition is allowed to be turned on,” he said.

476,037 individuals will be casting their votes during the Melaka State Election tomorrow. According to the Election Commission (EC), 217 polling centres and 1,109 voting channels will be opened to the voters. -MalaysiaGazette