Rafizi Ramli comeback PKR election GE General
Rafizi Ramli

KUALA LUMPUR – Mohd. Rafizi Ramli who announced that he will be contesting for the PKR party election also stated his wish to contest during the coming General Election (GE).

“I cannot say that I want to help and contribute but I am not in the Parliament. However, based on my age, I have set a period to do these (politics). I am already 45 and I am regarded as very old in whatever standards,” he said during an interview with Oriental Daily.

Mohd. Rafizi said that the problem with Malaysian politics happens when the country is led by old politicians and they are regarded as young despite they are already 60 years old.

The former Member of Parliament of Pandan said that he planned to retire in 10 more years.

On the fight over the Deputy President post in PKR, Mohd. Rafizi said that he would not emphasise on winning or losing but he wished to attract the votes of on the fence voters and return the people’s support for Pakatan Harapan (PH).

According to him, he has left the PKR leadership for a while and he is unsure about his chance of winning.

Meanwhile, he also said that his contest in the party election is not to threaten Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. His comeback, on the contrary, threatens those with important positions in the party but did not perform. He also slammed those who used Anwar’s name to garner support.

“If I return as a normal member, they will be very happy as they can maintain their huge positions. When they win the party election, they have the chance to get high positions in the government.

“This group of people has been around Anwar for the past two to three years and they proposed and planned to cooperate with UMNO, besides trying to hold dialogue with Bersatu recently,” he said.

Mohd. Rafizi, who knew Anwar since he was 17 and a good friend with Nurul Izzah Anwar said that if personal relationship was the main basis, the PKR election would become a ‘family affair’ and the relationship with the people would be broken.

“If PKR is the main party of the country and wants to become the government, then, PKR must become the platform to suggest policies that is related to the people,” he said. -MalaysiaGazette

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