Fifth witness, Yasmin Nahar Mahmood (left) entered the lift after being cross-examined by the defence counsel today.
Fifth witness, Yasmin Nahar Mahmood (left) entered the lift after being cross-examined by the defence counsel today. Saksi kelima Yasmin Yasmin Nahar Mahmood (kiri) ketika memasuki lif selepas disoal balas oleh puguambela hari ini.

By Khairulanuar Yahaya

KUALA LUMPUR – The fifth witness who testified for the abuse and neglect trial of a Down Syndrome girl, Bella has allegedly told 10 false testimonies at the Sessions Court today.

The Chief Defence Counsel, Nur Aminahtul Mardiah Md Nor said that Yasmin Nahar Mahmood, 19, told the first lie when she said her father did a Google search for Rumah Bonda’s address.

According to Nur Aminahtul Mardiah, Yasmin’s father is illiterate and he cannot read and write.

“On the first day Yasmin gave your testimony, you said that you father knew about Rumah Bonda after he Googled it in the social media. Agree? I suggest that this is the first lie in this court because your father does not know how to read and write.

“Why did Yasmin lie? In our report, we can verify that your father cannot read and write, Yasmin,” said Nur Aminahtul Mardiah.

However, Yasmin did not agree with the statement.

Nur Aminahtul Mardiah also alleged that Yasmin lied when she stated the cause of rage on the founder of Rumah Bonda on Bella until she abused her was due to the teenager with disability pulled the curtain until it fell off.

According to the defence counsel, the statement given by Yasmin on the curtain was the seventh lie from her.

She stated that the incident happened on 10 December 2020 when the evidence from the pictures did not show any injuries on Bella until April 2021.

Lawyer: Do you remember, before we took a break, you mentioned about the curtain. You said that Bainun was in rage after Bella pulled the curtain. Right? I present the WhatsApp conversation about the curtain by the witness just now. Yasmin, look at the date. When is it?

Yasmin: December 10, 2020

Lawyer: What is that picture?

Yasmin: The picture of the curtain.

Lawyer: What is the condition of the curtain?

Yasmin: On the bed.

Lawyer: It came off, right? I said that this happened in December 2020, and, Bella, until April 2021, did not suffer any injury from the pictures shown to Yasmin just now. Agree?

Yasmin: I’m not sure.

Other false testimony included Yasmin told the court that she was treated like a slave and had to take care of Siti Bainun’s adopted children when she moved into Rumah Bonda.

At that time, Siti Bainun had a maid or assistant to help manage the shelter.

Yasmin also allegedly lied when she told the court that she moved into Rumah Bonda in March 2020, when there are evidence in the police report that she moved into the shelter in October 2020.

During the trial which resumed at 2.30 pm, the court was shown 11 video clips as proof.

During two of the clips, the public were asked to leave the court as the witness was still a minor.

The videos include birthday celebration which showed the joy of Yasmin when she lived together with the accused. Unlike her allegation that she was treated like a slave in Rumah Bonda.

The trial before Judge Izralizam Sanusi will resume next Wednesday. -MalaysiaGazette

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