By Malinda Abdul Malik

BUKIT MERTAJAM – An extremely filthy coffee processing factory has been ordered shut for 14 days for not practising Food Safety Assurance Program (PJKM).

Revoltingly, dried dead rats were found in the coffee storage area when a team of officers from the Food Safety and Quality Division (BKKM) of the Penang State Health Department raided the factory (JKNPP)

The Enforcement Division Chief of JKNPP, Health Inspector Mohd Wazir Khalid said that this was the first raid conducted on the factory that has been operating for 50 years due to its hidden location in the centre of the old town.

He said, the coffee powder produced by that factory is manufactured for the Peninsular market.

“Inspection found that the factory did not follow the cleanliness standards and its floor was full of holes and there was stagnant water in them. We also found dead rats in the storage area of processed coffee. Besides that, the usage of wooden equipment in their process is also an offence.

“Further investigation found that the factory placed the halal logo on the packaging of their products. However, it was dubious and we will lodge complaints to the relevant authority,” he told the journalists outside the factory.

   The extremely dirty coffee factory.
An enforcement officer pointing to a dead rat found at the storage area of the coffee factory.
Seorang pegawai menunjukkan bangkai tikus yang ditemui pihaknya ketika melakukan serbuan di kilang kopi tersebut.

Besides the Health Department, the Penang Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP), Licensing Department and the Enforcement Department of the Seberang Perai City Council (MBSP) were also involved in the raid.

Mohd Wazir added, the owner of the factor had violated the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) regulation by selling the products to third party and labelling the products as being manufactured by that party.

   The extremely dirty coffee factory.

The extremely dirty coffee factory.
Keadaan persekitaran kilang kopi itu didapati terlalu kotor.

“It is an offence for not declaring the original location on the packaging and in case of food poisoning, it is difficult for us to trace the cause and actual location of the product.

“Therefore, a notice of closure was issued so that the factory owner can clean the premise as required.

“Besides the notice of closure, three compounds were also issued during the operation over various offences,” he added. -MalaysiaGazette

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