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Contract extension for 2,600 contract teachers – Radzi

The fate of 2,600 contract of service (COS) teachers appointed in the June 2020 intake will be resolved when their contracts are expected to be extended for two years

Civil servants involved in corruption can be sacked – JPA ...

Disciplinary actions to the extent of being dismissed will be taken against civil servants found guilty by the court for corruption

RM1,200 or half month salary for civil servants in Penang

The Penang State Government announced its Special Financial Aid (BKK) of RM1,200 or half month’s salary to all civil servants of the state.

Civil servants who did not complete vaccination get Aidilfitri aid too...

All civil servants, including those who did not complete their Covid-19 vaccination are eligible for Special Aidilfitri Financial Aid 2022.

Kedah gives RM1,000 Aidilfitri special aid

Kedah State Government announced its special Aidilfitri cash aid to the state civil servants today

Civil servants get RM500 special Aidilfitri cash aid

The government announced the RM500 special Aidilfitri financial aid for all civil servants under the Grade of 56

Cuepacs proposes RM1,800 minimum wage for public sector

The Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Service (Cuepacs) has once again proposed RM1,800 as the new minimum wage for the public sector, up from the current RM1,200 a month

Husband, wife buy fake vax certs to enjoy govt bonus

Husband and wife civil servants who are also anti-vaxxers have been arrested by the police on Tuesday for buying fake Covid-19 vaccination digital certificates

Terengganu govt monitoring if civil servants have fake vaccine certificates

The Terengganu government is monitoring if civil servants in the state are involved in obtaining fake Covid-19 vaccination certificates following the arrest of a private clinic doctor over fake Covid-19 vaccination certificates in the state

804 civil servants involved in drug abuse this year – Razarudin

804 civil servants have been arrested between 1 January until 30 November this year over drug abuse