Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Bangladeshi RTK syndicate rakes RM2 million

A Bangladeshi with Permanent Resident (MyPR) title who raked RM2 million in profit through the Labour Recalibration Programme (RTK) syndicate was toppled during a Special Ops two days ago.

African students earn RM7,000 monthly through prostitution at luxury condo

Unlike the usual busts, where African students were involved in love scam, the raid on Platinum Suits in Kuala Lumpur found that these students were involved in prostitution.

Immigration officer jailed, fined for releasing foreigners

An Immigration Officer arrested during Ops Selat is sentenced to one day in prison by the Sessions Court today after pleading guilty to accepting bribery and releasing foreigners without going through the proper procedures between 2017 and 2018.

Malaysians follow SOP while PATI hangout at coffee shop – Immigration...

A large scale operation to curb illegal immigrants (PATI) at a construction site has led to the detention of 309 foreigners from various countries.