🎥 EKSKLUSIF OWH! MG | Ayob Khan…Tiada Maaf Buat Petualang!!!

SETELAH sekian lama berjuang memerangi elemen keganasan dan militan melalui Cawangan Khas (SB), Datuk Ayob Khan dinaikkan pangkat ke Komisoner Polis dan dilantik sebagai Ketua Polis Johor.

Kehadirannya di Johor ternyata menggusarkan ramai penjenayah, anggota kongsi gelap dan tekong-tekong pemerdagangan manusia di sana.

Ikuti temubual eksklusif dengan lelaki yang cukup digeruni kerana ketegasannya tanpa mengenal kawan dan lawan ini!

2 Komen

  1. Tahniah! Nampak ada potensi!

    Harap2 pelacuran, rumah urut, ahlong, kongsi gelap, judi, pemerdagangan manusia dapat dibenteras di JB!

  2. Datuk Ayob Khan is a brave man. I have been following all his statements made to the reporters and found him to the right person to be the next IGP. He seems to be an upright person with integrity. He is a man of no nonsense. Just look at his eyes, they speak great volume of what he intends to do to the police force. He intends to revamp the whole police force. His actions this far prove that he is a man of ‘without fear or favour’. I also believe that he has no political affiliation. By that I mean he stands for justice and truth. It is about time, the present IGP who has been appointed by the previous government (PH), should make way for a young and dynamic personality like Datuk Ayob Khan. I am pretty sure, if he becomes the head of the police force, Adib’s case (the fireman who was murdered by some mobs) will be resolved and justice can be served to the family that has been in grief for very long. Those responsible for the murder can be brought to justice. The last thing we want is, Malaysia to be a safe country for its citizens. Certainly, we don’t want our beloved country to be made a transit for human-trafficking, drug processing centre, a hub for terrorism, a place for printing counterfeit US dollars, etc. Anyone close to the PM’s office, I seek your good favour to convey this message to TSM. Let’s do our social obligation to restore the good reputation of our country internationally. May God save Malaysia and its beautiful people.

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