Ridhuan Tee Abdullah
Mohd. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.

KUALA LUMPUR – Independent Islamic Preacher, Prof. Dr Mohd. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah slammed the statement of Siti Nurhaliza who alleged that she is compiling pahala (rewards) when people slanders against her.

Besides that, the culture of quoting ‘ustaz’ whenever a person issues any statement on sins and rewards (dosa and pahala) should stop.

The Lecturer from Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin said that the action of quoting religious personnel to protect oneself over their mistakes should not be done.

He further said that the ‘test’ (dugaan) mentioned by the celebrity was also a test created by herself as it could be avoided.

The preacher also commented that it is not compulsory to be present at such function as it could endanger a person if they do so during risky times like this.

Besides that, he also reminded everyone to stop the culture of seeking publicity by sharing everything with the public until it created various problems.

To end his note, Ridhuan also questioned the celebrity on which ‘ustaz’ she had referred to before she issued such statement.

“Is it true that we can gather multiples of rewards during the final 10 nights due to the problems we created ourselves? The excitement from the opinion of an artist about a ceremony created by herself, after it turned viral and created problems, she conveniently said that she gets rewards in folds due to the tests she got from the event.

“Which ustaz did the artist referred to about the rewards in fold? U would also like to know the name of that ustaz so that I can question further.

“You created the problem and then, you confessed that you will rake multiples of rewards using the name of an ustaz.

“Such culture needs to be ceased. Quoting names of religious people to cover oneself is not nice.

“The context and text are different. Tests created by your own if different from the real tests. Only God knows. Other people give birth too but they do not have such hoo-ha.

“I share the opinion of the Perlis Mufti, who, in his way, questioned about the priority between visiting parents or to fulfil the invitation of an artist. In Islam, we must understand the fiqh awlawiyyat or fiqh of understanding priorities, before issuing a statement.

“The same goes with attending an invitation to an event during MCO. To fulfil the invitation or not? If it brings more harm, thus, we don’t need to attend.

“Imagine, with such presence, it could endanger other people. Who should be blamed then? It is predestined?

“A reminder from me, stop the culture of seeking publicity. We don’t need to share everything with the public. When a problem emerges, simple answer, tests, getting rewards in folds. Who said that? Who did she refer?” he questioned in his Facebook post.

Earlier, a tahnik event held by singer, Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin went viral in the social media as her guests consisted of renowned preachers and Cabinet ministers, who attended the tahnik ceremony of her newborn son.

Following several statements, she made an apology and stated her readiness to cooperate when called by the authority to give her statement. –MalaysiaGazette