Kota Tinggi Srikandi Bersatu molest sexual harassment ADUN state Assemblyman
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By Ernalisa Othman

JOHOR BAHRU – The police verified that they have received a report from a woman who claimed that she was sexually harassed by a Johor State Assemblyman today.

The Kota Tinggi District Police Chief, Superintendent Hussin Zamora said that the police received the report of the offence at the Kota Tinggi Police Station at 11.30 am.

“Yes, it’s true. We received the report and it is still under investigation,” he said when contacted today.

Earlier, a copy of the police report on the sexual harassment went viral in the social media.

The woman was allegedly sexually harassed by the State Assemblyman several times.

In the police report that was shared by the 25 years-old woman, she alleged that the first incident happened on 2 January when the politician tried to hold her right hand and thigh in a vehicle while at Kota Tinggi during a mission to help the flood victims.

According to the report, the similar incident happened again during their journey from Kuala Sedili to Kota Tinggi after they returned from visiting the flood victims.

The victim alleged that she was molested by the politician as he touched her breast and tried to touch her left thigh. However, the victim pushed his hands away and merely kept quiet due to fear.

The victim, who is also the Kota Tinggi Bersatu Srikandi Committee Member said that she was harassed by the same person again on 13 January. -MalaysiaGazette