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Najib Razak

By Manzaidi Mohd Amin

KUALA LUMPUR – Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak reminded all Members of Parliament (MP) to stop using the excuse of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) debt for the bad national financial situation.

According to the former Prime Minister, the principal debt of 1MDB has not been paid a single sen. He reveals, in 2018, the 1MDB debt amounted to RM32 billion, followed by RM32 billion in 2019, RM32 billion in 2020 and RM32 billion in 2021.

“It is not right to proclaim that the people have to pay or bear the 1MDB debt.

“For example, the RM16.4 billion received from Goldman Sachs was not from the people. That money belonged to Goldman Sachs could be used to pay 1MDB debt,” he said during the Dewan Rakyat debate today.

The MP of Pekan also said that the other funds received included RM3 billion from the United States Department of Justice, RM2.83 billion from Ambank, RM340 million from KPMG and RM324 million from Deloitte.

According to him, the total funds amounting to almost RM23 billion were not from the people, but it should have been used to pay 1MDB debt.

This, he said, did not include the 1MDB assets, namely, the savings from the unfair Independent Power Producer (IPP) left by the fourth Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, that was settled with the help of 1MDB through the acquisition of IPP.

“This had saved RM50 billion. The savings was among the reason of the Petronas cash reserve increased from RM30 billion to RM176 billion in 2018, before it was wiped clean by the PH and PN government,” he said.

On the i-Citra Employees Provident Fund (EPF) withdrawal, Najib claimed that this would be the fourth time he urged the government to fulfil the demands of the people for the final withdrawal.

“Now, I am more optimistic because one of the MPs who had earlier claimed that my efforts in raising the i-Citra issue was equivalent to asking Puteri Gunung Ledang for marriage, has now supported the case.

“Ministers and PN leaders also made u-turn and supported the withdrawal. So, to the Minister of Finance, I plead for the request of UMNO pertaining this matter, that is now supported by other parties within the government, to be fulfilled.

“Whoever wants to claim the credit, it does not matter. As long as the request for the final withdrawal that is very much hoped for by the people, can be fulfilled by the government immediately,” he said. -MalaysiaGazette

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  1. Hello, uncle. Your 1MDB debt is interest-free ah? For the first few years sure serve the interest one lah. Not surprising the principal amount stays the same. The surprise is… those money from Goldman Sachs, Ambank (your personal account also in Ambank right) etc come from where ah? Not from 1MDB / government meh? If from them, meaning, we, the people pay them right? If not, hantu pay one ah? Next time, during ghost month, ask the government to collect money from good brothers lah.

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