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Munirah (right) choking in tears while sharing her experience at the Medical Forensic Unit at the Jasin Hospital in Melaka.Munirah (kanan) sebak menceritakan kejadian ketika ditemui di Unit Perubatan Forensik, Hospital Jasin, Melaka hari ini.

By Reza A Hamid

JASIN – “I couldn’t believe it at first when someone called using my mother’s phone, telling me that the owner of the phone was involved in an accident and had passed away.

“I hoped that the person was wrong but I had to accept the fate determined by Allah, losing both my parents at once after being hit by a drunk driver,” said Munirah Ezuddin, 21.

Munirah is the second child of the person with disability (PwD) couple, Ezuddin Mohammad, 50 and his wife, Surayah Muhamat, 48, who died after their motorcycle was hit by a Perodua Myvi. The man behind the wheel was believed to be drunk in the 7.45 am accident this morning.

According to Munirah, she and her four siblings were sleeping at their grandmother’s home in Tambak Bugis before receiving a Whatsapp at around 8.00 am about the accident.

“Upon reaching the location of accident, I was stunned to see the body of my parents who had speech disability and I could merely accept this fate given by Allah.

“It was even sadder when my late father could not even live in our new house at Sebatu, Sungai Rambai that is 90 percent completed. It has always been his dream to live with my mother there until the end of their lives,” she said when met at the Forensic Unit of the Jasin Hospital today.

In the incident this morning, the couple died at the scene due to serious head injury. A car and three motorcycles were involved in the fatal accident at Jalan Serkam Pantai, Jasin.

According to the State Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Chief Superintendent [email protected] Zaki Omar, the Myvi driver also hit two other motorcyclists.

Preliminary investigation found that the 24-year-old factory operator was believed to be driving under the influence of alcohol from Merlimau heading towards Melaka. He lost control before entering the opposite lane.

Munirah said, despite accepting their fates, her family would ensure that the driver faces justice for causing the six siblings to become orphans in the blink of an eye.

“This is not a small case. The drive took away the lives of both my parents and I will demand for justice. My siblings are still young. They are between 10 and 22 years old,” she said.

She added, the autopsy would complete tonight before her parents are laid to rest at the Balik Bukit Muslim Cemetery at Bukit Lintang. -MalaysiaGazette

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