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June is Cancer Survivors Month!

“Sorry, you have cancer.”

That is the dialogue we often see on television. Some people actually experienced it in real life.

But is it the end of the world for those diagnosed with cancer?

No, it the end of the world, not yet. Cancer survivors still have a long story to tell. There are still many things that we are fighting for.

What does having cancer feels like, and how do you deal with the illness?

The question will be answered in UmmahLive with a special guest, Vice President of Breast Cancer Welfare Association of Malaysia (BCWA), Naliza Fahro Rozi and hosted by Alyn Shahrom titled Kanser Bukan Penamat’.

That was the trailer written by Ummah Today on a special interview featuring my journey as a cancer warrior. The program was aired in conjunction with the Cancer Survivors Month in June and June 5 being National Cancer Survivors Day.

The one-hour interview in Bahasa Melayu titled ‘Kanser Bukan Penamat’ in UmmahLive programme was posted on the Ummah Today Facebook page on June 8, 2022, at 9 pm.

In the first segment of the interview, I shared my experience as a breast cancer patient, early symptoms and procedures while undergoing cancer treatment.

In the next segment, I talked about the reactions of family and friends, post-mastectomy follow-up treatment, and how I remained motivated to go through my trials and tribulations.

In the last segment, speaking as Vice President, Breast Cancer Association Malaysia (BCWA), I highlighted the efforts made by BCWA to help patients with breast cancer. I also shared about the programs implemented by BCWA to raise public awareness.

I ended the interview with words of encouragement to cancer fighters, cancer fighters’ survival strategies and advice on the importance of medical insurance.

Though the journey of surviving cancer can be unpredictable, complicated and difficult, life after cancer can be beautiful and inspiring too.

Throughout June as Cancer Survivors Month, let us celebrate the cancer survivors and warriors who have lived beyond breast cancer, inspiring all of us to continue to thrive, with or without cancer.

A cancer survivor is any individual who has a history with cancer, from first diagnosis to mastectomy or other surgeries, treatments, interventions and all the pit stops along their recovery journey and the remainder of their life.

Chances are, during Cancer Survivors Month, there will be one or more themed events in or near your city. Go out and show your support, folks!

Honour a friend or family member that has been diagnosed in their life by gathering with friends, families, and supporters to raise awareness, spread information, provide services, and honour other survivors. Show that life after a cancer diagnosis can be full and fruitful. You can thrive even with cancer!

Reach out to BCWA for support if you know someone living with breast cancer, because every individual deserves more than just surviving.