chicken export ban kampung chicken black
Terdapat hanya beberapa ekor ayam sahaja yang tinggal di salah sebuah reban berikutan krisis kekurangan bekalan ayam yang dialami negara baru-baru ini ketika tinjaun lensa Malaysia Gazette di Selangor. Foto MUHD NA'IM, 24 MEI 2022.

By Mohd Zaini Samsu Hadi

KUALA LUMPUR – The government has granted the special approval to export three types of chicken commodities.

The three special approvals are given to coloured chicken meat including the kampung chicken and black chicken, as well as all chicken-based products and parent stock day-old chicks (DOC).

In a statement today, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries (MAFI) said, the decision was made after a series of detailed discussion with the industry players and farmers’ association.

“The government emphasises that the export ban for meat chicken, round chicken, chicken cutting and Day Old Chick (DOC) is still in force.

“Physical control at all exits will be carried out by the MAQIS enforcers and any export of the commodity will not be allowed.

“The commodity export consignment needs to be managed appropriately by the owners of the permit,” he said.

According to MAFI, the government views any abuse on the special approval seriously. Actions will be taken under Subsection 11(2) and 11(3) of the Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services Act 2011 (Act 728) will be taken against any violators.

Upon conviction, the offenders may be fined not exceeding RM100,000 or jailed not more than six years or both.

Meanwhile, for the second and following offence, the offender could be fined not more than RM150,000 or jailed for a period not exceeding seven years or both.

According to that statement, the government will continue to monitor the chicken supply in the country that is recovering and is expected to be stabilised soon.

Therefore, the public may enquire or provide feedback about the chicken commodity export ban by emailing MAQIS at [email protected]. – MalaysiaGazette