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Customer should not make the RM100 fried squid issue viral –...

“RM100 was for two squids and the two customers should have voiced their dissatisfaction when they were making their payment and not make this issue viral,” said the Director of Restoran Hameediyah, Muhammad Riyaaz Syed Ibrahim

Chang Yeow apologises to Guan Eng, defamation case settled

Former Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng and former Penang Barisan Nasional Chairman Teng Chang Yeow have settled a defamation suit amicably over an article on Pulau Jerejak in a consent judgement at the Penang High Court

Hanya 2,128 penonton pada perlawanan Sri Pahang, Penang FC

Penonton perlu menunjukkan sijil digital vaksinasi atau kad fizikal vaksinasi di pintu masuk untuk pemeriksaan selain mematuhi SOP keluar masuk stadium.

Woman left suicide note to donate organ before jumping off apartment

A woman left a suicide note, stating that she would like to donate her organ to her family members before jumping off the 13th floor of Pangsapuri Hijau Indah, Mak Mandin today.

Trashman by day, rapist by night

Snooping factory worker’s dorm before breaking in the next day to rape and rob. That is the modus operandi of a garbage truck driver who was involved in five cases of robbery and rape around the Seberang Perai Tengah district

Third bridge in Penang?

The Penang State Government does not reject the possibility to build the third bridge as its third link to connect the island to the mainland in replacement of the undersea tunnel.

MGNews: CZBUG Dapat Markah Tertinggi Projek Terowong Dasar Laut Pulau Pinang

Mahkamah Sesyen mendengar bagaimana syarikat syarikat Consortium Zenith Beijing Urban Construction Group (CZBUCG) ‘markah tertinggi’ bagi projek terowong dasar laut di Pulau Pinang.

Herdsman charged with murder of clerk

A herdsman is charged at the Magistrate Court (Municipal) today over the murder of a woman at her house in Taman Seruling Emas, Sungai Bakap on 28 August

Body of rape, sodomy victim found under bed

The Penang Police had successfully solved a rape, sodomy and murder case of a woman in less than three hours

25 Bangladeshis fined RM125,000 for gathering during Aidiladha

The Sessions court have sentenced 25 Bangladeshi men to RM125,000 fine after they were found guilty in violating the standard operating procedures (SOP) by gathering during Hari Raya Aidiladha