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Education TV channel, DidikTV would replace NTV7

By Muhammad Azizul Osman

KUALA LUMPUR – The government expressed its confidence that the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s education television channel, DidikTV, would be able to help with the implementation of the home-based teaching and learning (PdPR) process.

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said that the terrestrial educational TV channel is important for students without access to online learning.

“I am confident that the MOE’s DidikTV would be able to help with the implementation of PdPR, especially for students without access to online learning.

“The parents can also spend some time to watch the MOE’s DidikTV with their children,” he said during the launch of DidikTV today.

Meanwhile, Muhyiddin said that the MOE’s DidikTV which will be aired today, could become the platform to enforce the culture of knowledge, incorporate good values and create an informational community.

He said, the implementation is done as the education industry is one of the most affected sector during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Therefore, the government takes the initiative to continue providing education access to more than five million students, which enables them to get the knowledge, skills and values required by introducing DidikTV.

The government is also aware that students consist of various backgrounds, from the rural and urban areas.

“Therefore, we need to accept the fact that the online PdPR implementation has yet to be implemented thoroughly within a short span of time. This is due to the majority portion of the students do not own suitable devices and there are also limitations to the internet access,” Muhyiddin said.

The MOE’s DidikTV is a special education TV channel which will be on-air from 7.00 am until 12.00 am daily on NTV7. –MalaysiaGazette