By Malinda Abdul Malik

GEORGE TOWN – “Of course we are sad but we accept Sophia Fatehah’s fate,” said the father of the toddler who was dead after drowning in a basin at her babysitter’s house in Batu Maung.

Commenting on the unfortunate incident involving his youngest daughter, Wan Farhan Danial Wan Azmi, 26, said that he received a call from the babysitter at about 1.00 pm yesterday. He was told that his daughter was unconscious after drowning in the bathroom.

According to Wan Farhan Danial, the babysitter had rushed his two-year-old daughter to the Penang Hospital for treatment.

“I was at the hospital to get my medical report at that moment and I rushed to the ward where Sophia Fatehah was being treated.

“The babysitter said that she was showering Sophia Fatehah before leaving her in the basin to grab her towel. Upon returning, she found my daughter unconscious.

“They (babysitter) tried to give first aid before sending her to the hospital for further treatment,” he told the journalists when met at the Penang Forensic Department today.

According to him, his daughter just returned home after being treated in the hospital for a week.

“We just saw Sophia Fatehah yesterday and we are unexpectedly shocked her the news of her death today. Nevertheless, my whole family accept this incident whole heartedly.

“I can’t blame the babysitter as we have known the woman for a while. She has been taking care of Sophia Fatehah since she was born and my six-year-old eldest child has also been under her care since she was six months old,” said Wan Farhan Danial.

Meanwhile, a source of MalaysiaGazette said that the police received a report about the incident from a doctor at the emergency ward of the Penang Hospital.

“Investigation found that the babysitter has left the victim in a basin filled with water to take a towel before the toddler was found face down.

“With that, the victim received treatment at the Paediatric Ward of the Penang Hospital before she passed away at 2.00 am this morning.

“The babysitter is detained to assist in the investigation of the case,” he said.

The Barat Daya District Police Chief, A. Anbalagan verifie the event. –MalaysiaGazette

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Toddler drowned in basin at babysitter’s home