Her son, Faizul Hafiz Hashim Actress, Noryati Taib passed away

By Ernalisa Othman

JOHOR BAHRU – Actress, Noryati Taib who was also known as Makcik Petir took her last breath at her residence in Perjiranan 10 Pasir Gudang at 1.45 am early this morning.

Her son, Faizul Hafiz Hashim made the announcement on her passing on his Facebook post.

“With a heavy heart, my Mama has passed away at 1.45 am just now.

“I seek your kindness in praying for her to be placed among the believers,” said Faizul Hafiz.

She was known as Makcik Petir, Makcik Isabella and Makcik Mary through her acting in television drama such as Sindarela, SyurgaMu Ramadan, Dotty and Tari Tirana.

Noryati was admitted into the hospital in 2017 due to lungs infection.

Meanwhile, her sibling, Effie Ghazi Taib said that her body would be laid to rest at the Kebun Teh Muslim Cemetery between 10.00 am and 11.00 am this morning.

Noryati remained strong after one of her leg was amputated due to diabetes. –MalaysiaGazette