Selangor Chief of Police, Datuk Arjunaidi Mohamed . PIX: AFFAN FAUZI / MalaysiaGazette /18 APRIL 2021. murder suspect college student Damansara Perdana Three academic professors from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) have been fined RM2,000 each for violating the standard operating procedures (SOP) by holding Hari Raya feast at the students dormitory recently raya feast jamuan
Selangor Chief of Police, Datuk Arjunaidi Mohamed .PIX: AFFAN FAUZI / MalaysiaGazette /18 APRIL 2021.

By Kumara Sabapatty

SHAH ALAM – The main suspect of a college student murder case committed suicide by jumping off the 26th floor of a condominium in Damansara Perdana yesterday evening.

The suspect killed himself when the police brought him to the condominium to show him several evidences of the murder case involved him.

Selangor Police Chief Datuk Arjunaidi Mohamed said, the 24 year-old suspect was escorted by several police to the condominium earlier.

He also managed to show a cap used by him during the murder and alleged that there are several items at the balcony of the condominium.

“Both of the suspect’s hands were cuffed in front as he sustained injuries and received over 100 stitches as he was embroiled in an altercation with the victim (college student).

“The suspect suddenly jerked and ran towards the balcony before jumping off from the 26th floor,” he said during a news conference today.

Following that, the police had opened an investigation under Section 223 of the Penal Code for police negligence of controlling the detainee.

Since the main suspect of the case has passed away, the case will be referred to the Deputy Public Prosecutor and Coroner’s Court for further action.

Earlier, a 24-year-old college student was reported dead after being stabbed numerous times before his body was thrown out from the balcony of the 26th floor of a condominium in Damansara Perdana.

The victim, a local student was found face down at the second floor of a building under construction next to the condominium.

The main suspect was arrested by the police at the carpark of Bandar Sunway, around 4.25pm last Sunday. He was then remanded for seven days since Monday to assist in the investigation of the murder case. –MaaysiaGazette