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KUALA LUMPUR – A man locked his wife and two children inside their house in Negeri Sembilan due to the pressure from the Movement Control Order (MCO).

The incident took place at Taman Nusa Intan, Seremban yesterday after the man was stressed out for not having a job due to the MCO.

The Senawang Fire Station Operation Officer, Zinurin Sarip said, they received a distress call about the incident at 8.51 pm last night.

“The man locked his gate, grill and backdoor from the inside due to the stress from not having a job resulting from MCO.

“We persuaded the man initially, however, after 15 minutes of coaxing, he still did not give in. The fire and rescue team had to break his gate and the grill of the house.

“We had to cut open the padlock as the man alleged that he did not know where he placed his keys,” he said.

According to Zainurin, the suspect’s wife complained to her neighbour about the incident and before her husband suffers from further stress and his brother had to come from Mambau to persuade him.

Nevertheless, the woman and her four-month old baby and one-year-old toddler did were unhurt.

They were sent to their neighbour’s home, meanwhile, the man was surrendered to the police for further action. –MalaysiaGazette

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