Noraini Ahmad Higher Education IPT IPTS IPTA back to campus
Noraini Ahmad

KUALA LUMPUR – Fully vaccinated students from the higher learning institutions (IPT) will be going back to their campus in stages beginning 15 October.

Minister of Higher Education, Datuk Seri Dr Noraini Ahmad said that it would depend on the capacity of the IPT, by adhering to standard operating procedures (SOP) and by forming a safe and herd immunity in the campus.

She said, the entry of IPT students is implemented according to the approval by the National Security Council (MKN) as an effort to ensure the sustainability of high quality education in the country, besides prioritizing on the safety and welfare of the students.

“The back to campus for fully vaccinated students involve all students in all phases of the National Recovery Plan (PPN). Priority would be given to students with needs.

“The decision is made after taking into the engagement session with MKN and the Ministry of Health (MOH), IPT management including Vice-Chancellors, Deputy Vice-Chancellors, representatives from private IPT, Student Representatives Council and student unions/ associations.

“Fully vaccinated individuals in the IPT would form a safe social community and create a Phase 4 PPN environment in the campus. Thus, strict SOP must be practiced in managing the entry and exit of students,” she said during a virtual news conference today.

KPT projected that 100 percent of the staff and IPT students registered with MySejahtera would get their complete vaccine by October 2021.

To date, 66 percent of students and 90 percent of IPT staff have been fully vaccinated.

“Therefore, I urge all students and IPT staff who have yet to be vaccinated to do so immediately. For this, they may get their vaccines via walk-in at any Vaccination Centre. IPT students and staff only need to bring along their student card / employee pass and MyKad / passport.

“For new students, they need to bring along their offer letter from IPT along with their identification card / passport,” she added.

Students also need to get approval letter to cross district / states from the police and go for their RT-PCR Swab Test. The test will be given free of charge at government’s health clinics.

“Fully vaccinated international students need to register with Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) before they can be given the approval to enter Malaysia by the Immigration Department.

“Covid-19 RT-PCR swab test needs to be done three days prior to entering Malaysia. Upon arrival in Malaysia, the student needs to go for health screening and quarantine at a fixed location,” she said.

According to her the teaching and learning process (PdP) will be conducted in hybrid manner.

Students may choose to continue their PdP virtually in their own locality for virtual courses or programmes. Activities involving laboratory, workshop, studio and research will be done in group, based on SOP.

She also announced a 20percent fee reduction to citizens studying in Public Universities for the First Semester of 2021/2022 Session. The discount would benefit 555,340 students amounting to RM175 million. -MalaysiaGazette