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Nur Sajat

KUALA LUMPUR – After failing to pay RM200,000 in damages and compensation to OWA Resources Sdn. Bhd, the court has granted a writ of seizure and sale to enforce the judgement against controversial entrepreneur, Nur Sajat.

Nurwati Hussin, 41 and Mohamed Syakir Hussin, 32 from OWA Resources, the former main stockist of Sajat’s girdle business, made an appeal to the high court for the writ to seize Sajat, or her birth name, Muhammad Sajjad Kamaruz Zaman’s assets after the latter failed to pay the damages to OWA Resources following a court ruling in December 2020.

The Shah Alam High Court ordered the writ to be enforced at 10.30am this morning at Sajat’s house in Kota Damansara, Selangor.

The ruling was made after the court found that she did not respond in making payment after failing her appeal at the Court of Appeal last April, to strike off the Shah Alam High Court’s ruling in December 2020.

Lawyers Nurul Hafidzah Hassan and Zeti Zulkifli from NHA Advocates & Solicitors who represented Nurwati and Syakir said that their clients were focussed in getting the compensation ordered by the court.

The assets seized would be auctioned below the market price to pay the plaintiffs.

“The Writ of Seizure and Sales has been pasted in front of the defendant’s premise today, and if the defendant fails to pay, all items would be seized and auctioned off on 14 December.

“If the collection from the auction is not sufficient to pay off the compensation, our clients will take the next course of action to seize and sell other assets,” said Nurul Hafidzah in a statement issued by Saiful Ridzuan Public Relations and Communications on behalf of OWA Resources today.

The latest High Court ruling is another blow against Sajat who avoided paying the compensation ordered by the court after she violated her business contract by failing to supply the girdles to her stockists as agreed. -MalaysiaGazette