RMT Supplementary Food Programme white rice with gravy Dr. Radzi Md. Jidin school bully case
Dr. Radzi Md. Jidin

By Nizam Zain

KUALA LUMPUR – The Ministry of Education (MOE) view the alleged white rice with gravy for students under Supplementary Food Programme (RMT) at a school seriously.

Its Minister, Datuk Dr. Mohd. Radzi bin Md. Jidin will carry our investigation on the matter and ensure that the welfare of students.

“I was informed about a viral Facebook post on the picture of white rice with gravy allegedly being served to the students under RMT last night.

“I view the allegation seriously and I have instructed for an investigation, including to identify the school involved. The MOE will not compromise on any issue involving the welfare of students,” he said in his official Facebook account today.

Yesterday, a Facebook user uploaded a picture showing that RMT students were only given white rice with gravy at school.

“Before this, the kids complained that the RMT food does not taste good. I told them to be grateful for having food. However, who is this food for? Chicken? I don’t know who is at fault in this,” she said.

She also questioned if the RMT allocation was too little that the canteen operator had to provide such food to school children. -MalaysiaGazette

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