Datuk Seri Vida Anuar Zain gay
Datuk Seri Vida

 KUALA LUMPUR – Controversial and outspoken entrepreneur, Datuk Seri Vida made an open apology to crooner, Anuar Zain after a viral social media of her calling him gay.

“I, Datuk Seri Vida, wish to apologise for my mistakes, confusion, or perhaps my words that perhaps have hurt many people, fans, the Zain family, Anuar… I am sorry.

“I didn’t mean that. I had no intention. Perhaps, the words slipped. I made a joke without meaning it. I could not recall what I said.

“It happened some time ago but it only emerged recently,” she said.

Vida, or her real name, Hasmiza Othman, also said that she wished to meet Anuar personally.

“I am sorry. I had no intention and I like Anuar Zain a lot. I am interested in this man, but it has become murky now… a mess.

“I can only say that I’m sorry and please forgive me, Malaysians, Anuar Zain and the Zain family.

“Forgive me and I truly hope to meet Anuar Zain in person. I have a wish, a big project, Insya-Allah,” said Vida.

Earlier, a video clip went viral in Tik Tok, which shared an IG Live by Vida who replied to her fans who asked her to get Anuar Zain.

She whispered, while answering that question by saying that he’s gay, which caused an uproar among the netizens.

Anuar’s sister, Ziana Zain also slammed Vida for being rude. -MalaysiaGazette

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