Datuk Ir. Hasni Mohammad Johor Menteri Besar MB Onn Hafiz Ghazi Shahrir Samad Johor UMNO
Datuk Ir. Hasni Mohammad

By Khairulanuar Yahaya

JOHOR BAHRU – The Johor UMNO could not do anything on the issues surrounding the appointment of the new Menteri Besar (MB) of Johor.

According to the Johor Bahru UMNO Division Chief, Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad, the issue caused him to feel ashamed to attend the UMNO General Assembly.

He said, throughout the Johor state election campaign, UMNO was very sure with its choice to let Datuk Hasni Mohammad lead the state again as the Menteri Besar of Johor.

“I am ashamed. Throughout the campaign I laughed at PN and PH and their allies as they could not name their MB candidate.

“UMNO was confident with Datuk Hasni as the MB.

“But, that was not strong enough and Johor UMNO could not do anything,” he said.

According to Shahrir, the polemic that happened proved that Johor UMNO is not a strong party. Although the party got the mandate from the people to become the government, it could not afford to place its party leader as the chief of the state government.

“I should be the spokesperson for Johor UMNO during the UMNO General Assembly this time. But, if I feel ashamed, I can’t say anything on the grounds that I am from an UMNO Division from Johor.

“I am sorry, my friends. I am truly ashamed of what happened after the state election. We truly excelled under the leadership of Datuk Hasni,” he said.

The President of UMNO, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had an audience with the Sultan of Johor yesterday. However, he refused to comment about the meeting and the candidate for the Menteri Besar post.

However, Hasni, in his statement yesterday gave an impression that he was not appointed for the post and he suggested for UMNO to appoint a younger candidate for the Menteri Besar position.

Rumours said that the Machap state assemblyman, Onn Hafiz Ghazi would be replacing Hasni as the Johor MB. -MalaysiaGazette

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