Monday, December 5, 2022
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Get up your courage

Immuno compromised, being a cancer patient, I avoid crowded places. We had lunch at Alexis Bistro, Great Eastern Mall. Far from the maddening crowd.

Connecting The Dots

You have to trust that the dots from your past will somehow connect to the dots in your future.

Finding a Balance in Life

Juggling several things at the same time certainly takes up a lot of my time and energy, both mentally and physically.

Thoughts on Merdeka

It’s been six-and-half decades since we started celebrating Hari Merdeka. Undeniably, much has changed since 1957.


Tomorrow is another day, and when it comes, it comes.

The hardest thing to let go

I like exploring new things and places. Life to me is a series of exciting adventures. Life to me is a series of exciting adventures.

Carrots, Eggs or Coffee?

Once in a while, we come across such inspirational short story which makes us think, and motivate us to absorb the learnings and lessons in our life.

A Rose is a Rose by Any Other Name

My late mother had thick and voluminous lips that many modern women wished to have, and would go under the knife to have one. Unfortunately, many of us are just not happy with what we have. We wanted what others have. Including my late mother.

Being in Gratitude

Gratitude is an emotion we feel when we notice something good has come into our lives and we appreciate it.

Investing in our own happiness and wellbeing

There are countless ways to invest in our own happiness and wellbeing.